Robinson Rifle wins it’s 2nd & 3rd Matches of the Season

Shooters standingThe Robinson Rifle Team is on a roll. They won their 2nd and third high school matches of the season. You can read the recaps on the games below:

The Robinson Rifle team wins its second High School match of the season against Wakefield 1154 to 859.
The Rams were led by senior Hayley Carroll, 292/300, senior Zach Eisenberg, 290/300, senior Nick Kanellis, 289/300, and senior Keegan Miller, 283/300.

The Robinson Rifle team wins their 3rd match against West Springfield. Robinson won with a score of 1163 to 1116. Robinson top team scores included seniors Zachary Eisenberg and Hayley Carroll, both with great 296/300 scores. senior Nick Kanellis with a 288/300. senior Scarlett Stallings with a 283/300, and senior Keegan Miller with a score of 282/300. The coaches are looking in to whether we tied individual Robinson team records with this great shooting!