Robinson Rifle Results from Bob Long Classic Competition 2015

Shooter in Prone PositionThe Robinson Rifle Team excelled at the Bob Long Classic competition this year. Congratulations to our five teams that finished in the top seven places: first place, Elena and Zach; third place, Jennifer and Emily; fifth place, David and Scarlett; sixth place, Nick A. and Jason; and seventh place, Erik and Keegan.

In the Rookie category, our Jennifer, (with no experience), was second with 385; and fifth, sixth, and seventh, in order, were our David Linkl, 370; Elena Lee, 370; and Nick Angelides, 369 out of 400 posible points.

And congratulations to Zach, 386; Hayley, 384; and Nick K., 383 for taking the first three places and winning the Veterans group. Keegan placed fifth with a 369 and Scarlett seventh with a 360; Jamie 358; Jason 353; Emily 353, Dalton 352, and Jack Curry 344 out of 400 possible points. Many more of our veterans also shot well.