Match Update: Robinson Splits Matches in the Week of 8 January 2018

Robinson bounced back from a loss to West Springfield Tuesday (1149-1161) to beat Centreville Wednesday (1164-1012)!

Captain Emily Fisher shot 297 – 24 and Jacob Bzdafka shot 286 – 15 in a tough loss to West Springfield, while Robinson took all of the top eight spots vs Centreville the next night:

Jacob Bzdafka, 293 – 17
David Linkh, 292 – 21
Emily Fisher, 291 – 18
Grace Cason, 290 – 20*
Jack Curry, 290 – 13
Jack Kersey, 288 – 19
Matt Chehovin, 287 – 16
Stefan Arseneau, 286 – 17*

*shot 100 in prone





Match update: Robinson Defeats Washington-Lee

In our first Air Rifle match of the Potomac High School Rifle League 2017-2018 Winter season, Robinson defeated Washington-Lee with a score of 1140 to 1120 on December 7, 2017.

Our top shooters were Emily Fisher 296-19x (setting a new team record), Stefan Arseneau 288-16x, and Jacob Bzdafka 284-13x.

Also notable was Grace Cason, who shot a perfect 100 (with 10 bullseyes) in prone – the only member of our team to do so.


King George 3P Match Sweep, October 28, 2017

Congratulations to the Robinson Rifle Team in earning first, second, and third place Precision Team awards at the King George Fall 3 Position Air Rifle Tournament on October 28, 2017!

Led by Captains Emily Fisher and David Linkh (who took first and second place individually with 583-41 and 574-28) Robinson athletes captured 6 of the top 8 precision shooter spots.

Congratulations to all our athletes!


Queen Anne Report, November, 2017

Queen Anne’s NRA Open, the Nov 5, 2017 Precision Air Rifle Match

Robinson Gold and Blue teams participated in the 60 shot standing air rifle match hosted at the Queen Anne 4H Grounds in Centreville, MD.

Gold took second place and Blue took third out of the five teams who participated. Captain Emily Fisher earned third place overall with a total of 578-29.

Congratulations, team!




Centreville Cup Report, October 2017

The 2017 Centreville Cup Challenge consisted of a 60 shots standing and a 3×20 match on October 29, 2017 @ the IWLA Arlington/Fairfax Bucky Sills Range.

Congratulations to Robinson Gold, who took second and third place overall in the precision category.

Special congratulations go to Captain Emily Fisher (not pictured), who scored first place for individual precision in both matches with 585-36 and 587-37 in the qualifiers then added top scores to achieve 688.5 and 690.4 in the finals (respectively).

Robinson Rifle Teams Place 2nd and 3rd Place at Queen Anne

The Robinson rifle team participated in the Maryland Junior Precision Air Rifle and 3P Metric State Championships, hosted by the Seaford High School NJROTC program, on Sunday 10 SEP 2017 in Centreville, MD.

Congratulations to our teams, who placed second and third in each championship match.

Special mention for individual performances by Emily Fisher, (5th place standing with 565-25x) and Emily, Jack Curry, and David Linkh, who placed 7, 8, and 9 in the 3P event, respectively.