PHSRL finals, February 15, 2020

Saturday, February 15, 2020, brought an end to the Potomac High School Rifle League Air Rifle season with the Annual League Tournament.

Your Robinson Rams took first place in the team event with a record breaking 2340-154x beating our rivals from Woodson High School by 8 points. Pictures are available here.

Our top three shooters on the day were Scott Patterson (2nd overall) 589-39x, Jack Kersey (3rd overall) 588-44x and Sally Reeke 587-38x.


Recap of the second half of the winter season

On January 15, the Rams began the second half of the Potomac High School Rifle League (PHSRL). Our varsity squad defeated West Springfield High School 1169 to 1133 and the junior varsity also won 1149-1114. Our top shooters were Sally Reeke 295-23x, Jack Kersey 293-20x and Grant Benson 292-18x.

In a rare away air rifle match in Bethesda, MD, we defeated the Landon School Bears 1150-992 on January 27. Our top shooters were Scott Patterson 293-18x, Stefan Arseneau 290-15x and Will Walton 288-17x.

The Rams overpowered the Mavericks 1168 to 1015 on January 29 back at the Sills Range . Our top shooters were Scott Patterson 294-16x, Jack Kersey 292-13x and Payton Peppard 291-20x.

In a February 1 match, which was rescheduled from January 8 due to the school weather closing, the team shot down the Washington and Liberty Generals 1166-1057. Our Junior Varsity team also out gunned the Generals with a score of 1157-938. Our top shooters were Jack Kersey 294-22x, Andrew Morris 292-18x, and Scott Patterson 291-19x.

On February 8, the Rams completed the PHSRL regular season with a hard fought win against our neighbors from Lake Braddock with a score of 1173 to 1161. Our top three shooters today were Jack Kersey 296-21x, Sally Reeke 295-19x, and Isaac Vanderhorst 293-20x. You can see some of our Rams in action during the first relay here.

We finished the season in second place with 9 wins and 1 loss, setting the PHSRL league regular season average record at 1165.70.

Congratulations to our athletes; those many weeks of 5 AM practices have paid off!

USAMU Results, January 2020

Our Gold Team competed in the invitation-only US Army Marksmanship Unit Junior Rifle National Championships at Ft Benning, Georgia on January 24-26, 2020.  Overall the team did well but, with some tough competition, the team placed 5th in Smallbore and 7th in Air Rifle.

Jack Kersey took 3rd in Smallbore in the rain with a score of 577-20x and finished 4th in the Smallbore finals.  

Overall Results:

Photo credit @USAMU1956:

Midseason Recap, December 2019

Robinson had a strong start for the Winter 2019-2020 season of the Potomac High School Rifle League (PHSRL).

In our season opener, we defeated Wakefield High School 1160-1046. Our top shooters were Scott Patterson 296-25x, Jack Kersey 291-18x and Will Walton 290-17x.

We took a tough loss to Woodson HS 1167-1163 on December 12. Our top shooters were Scott Patterson 295-23x, Sally Reeke 292-18x and Will Walton 290-18x. Our Junior Varsity won 1145-1138 for their first win of the year.

On December 14, the team earned their second win of the Potomac High School Rifle League season against Centreville HS by a score of 1169 to 1084. Our top shooters today were Scott Patterson 293-21x, Sally Reeke 293-19x and Jack Kersey 292-18x.

In the final match before the Winter Break, we defeated West Potomac High School 1165-1121 on December 22. This raised our record to 3 wins and 1 loss. Our top shooter was Scott Patterson 299-23x who tied the PHSRL record and set the Robinson team record. Our other top shooters were Isaac Vanderhorst 291-21x and Sally Reeke 289-16x.

Potomac High School Smallbore League Achievement

On May 18, we completed the Potomac High School Rifle League Small Bore season. After all of the results were tallied we ended up with 12 of the 17 league awards.

Congratulations to:

FIRST TEAM: Jack Kersey, Jacob Bzdafka, and Scott Patterson.

SECOND TEAM: Grace Cason, Andrew Morris, Sally Reeke, and Stefan Arseneau.

HONORABLE MENTION: Isaac Vanderhorst, William Walton, Payton Peppard, Grant Benson, and Trevor Hill.

American Legion State Champs

We had three teams compete in the American Legion Virginia State Championships on Saturday May4, 2019. Our Gold Team scratched out a hard fought win with a score of 2304-116x by only one point over the second place team who had a score of 2303-123x. Our top shooters were Scott Patterson (586-38x, also top match shooter), Grace Cason (581-31x), and Jack Kersey (577-27x).

American Legion Regional Match Results

On April 14, 2019,  the Rams competed in the American Legion Northern Virginia Regional Match. Our Robinson Gold team took first place with a score of 2331. They will go on to compete in the Virginia Championships in Charlottesville on 4 May. Our top shooters were Sally Reeke 587-40x, Scott Patterson 583-35x, and Grace Cason 582-38x.

Robinson Takes Second Place in Orion Virtual League Competition

Robinson High School participated in the Precision Champions Division of the 2018 Orion National Air Rifle League during October and November 2018.

We finished the regular season with a 5 – 2 record, in third place overall and second place within the ‘Junior Rifle Club’ conference. Led by captains Stefan Arseneau, Grace Cason, Jack Kersey, and Scott Patterson, we will advance to the Championship Tournament.

As the number three seed, and we will take on Stratford PAL Jr. Rifle Club who has a 3 – 4 record and was a formidable opponent in our regular season match.

The Championship Tournament starts the week of 26 November 2018.

Go Rams! #RamPride

Sponsored by the Orion Scoring System, the league is a national team league for high school teams and junior rifle clubs. The Champions Division is the most difficult division in the conference. The league has two parts. An 8 week regular season going on now. Followed by a single-elimination tournament, for the top eight teams who will compete for the league championship.

In each game the teams compete in what is known as a Standing Air Rifle match. The match is nearly identical to the air rifle events in the Olympic Games. Each athlete shoots 40 shots in the standing position, the most difficult position in rifle competitions. Each shot is worth a maximum of 10 points. The sum of points scored in the 40 shots is the athlete’s total. The team score is comprised of the best four athletes from each team.

Excellence In Competition Awards

The Team is proud to announce that Captain Emily Fisher was recognized with the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Excellence In Competition (EIC) Distinguished Excellence in Air Rifle Marksmanship in 2018.

This Junior Distinguished Badge (AKA “Gold Badge”) is awarded by the CMP to school-age junior three-position air rifle shooters who attaining points through a series of high rankings in designated major EIC-designated junior air rifle championships. These include State Junior Olympic Qualifiers, CMP Cup Matches, the National Junior Olympic Championships and other National Council Three-Position Air Rifle Championships.

She is the third Robinson athlete to earn this prestigious award, which represents the culmination of many hours of practice and match/competition performance over a high school career.

The cut off scores were raised in 2016, which makes this recognition even sweeter.

There are also silver and bronze level badges, recognizing progress toward the Junior distinction. Sophomore Jacob Bzadafka earned his Bronze badge this season.

Other team members to earn the Distinguished award were Olympian Lucas Kozeniesky  (2012) and Zachary Eisenberg (2016).

The awards are presented by the CMP on behalf of USA Shooting.

Additionally, congratulations to the 23 shooters who were awarded Excellence in Competition (EIC) Junior Achievement Award Pins for the Junior Olympics State match on 24 FEB 2018. For those who asked, the scores required were: Bronze 500-539; Silver 540-559; Gold 560-600.

Congratulations to these athletes for their accomplishments!