State Air Rifle Match and Junior Olympics News 24 FEB 2018

Congratulations to Robinson Gold for earning a second place finish in the State Junior Olympics CMP Air Rifle 3P competition on Saturday 24 February 2018.

The Gold Team achieved 2302-127 and was made up of Emily Fisher (589-39) Grace Cason (577-33) Captain David Linkh (570-30) and Jacob Bzadfka (567-25). This score was an automatic entry to compete in the Junior Olympics this summer.

Captain Emily’s score was the second highest in the competition, earning her an individual silver medal; she took the bronze medal in the ISSF finals Top 8 format. Here she is, pictured at the awards ceremony with all the Robinson medals!

At press time, the Robinson Blue team was waiting to hear if their score of 2274-98 could earn them a bid to the Junior Olympics, as well.

League Regional Results

On Saturday, 17 FEB 2018, the Robinson Rams participated in the Potomac High School Rifle League Regional tournament. Our team was edged out of second place by two points! Congratulations to West Springfield and WT Woodson for their top scores.

We are proud to announce that Captain Emily Fisher had the highest score for the event, with a score of 593-42.

Congratulations to all our athletes for a great 2017-2018 season!


Final Robinson 2018 PHSRL Match Was a Win

Robinson defeated Fairfax High School at the Sills Range in Centreville VA on Wednesday 14 FEB 2018 with a score of 1158-61 to 1017-28.

Led by Captain Emily Fisher (296-22), all of the Robinson athletes rounded out the top 8.

Jacob Bzadfka 291-14 Captain Grace Cason 290-16 Jack Kersey 290-14 Ryan Clark 288-16 Alison Chapan 287-12 Matt Chehovin 283-12 and Captain Jack Curry 281-9

ARPC Challenge 2018 Air Rifle Results

Congratulations to Robinson’s shooting athletes for their outstanding performance at 2018 Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club (ARPC) Challenge.

In February 2018, 7 teams and 21 shooters participated in 2 days/3 rounds of matches of the inaugural ARPC Challenge Junior Air Rifle Team Match. 

AJ Gold performed well, in the semifinal, took QA Gold 3-0 and moved to the final round against Damascus. AJ fell to no.1 Damascus 2-1 and came 2nd in the tournament. Damascus is the first ARPC Challenge Champion!

For 3rd place, Robinson Gold defeated QA Gold (3-0), with a shoot off between Michael Donoho (QA Gold) and Jacob Bzdafka (Robinson Gold). Robinson Gold took 3rd place followed by QA Gold in 4th.

See you all again in 2019!

Match Update: Robinson Splits Matches in the Week of 8 January 2018

Robinson bounced back from a loss to West Springfield Tuesday (1149-1161) to beat Centreville Wednesday (1164-1012)!

Captain Emily Fisher shot 297 – 24 and Jacob Bzdafka shot 286 – 15 in a tough loss to West Springfield, while Robinson took all of the top eight spots vs Centreville the next night:

Jacob Bzdafka, 293 – 17
David Linkh, 292 – 21
Emily Fisher, 291 – 18
Grace Cason, 290 – 20*
Jack Curry, 290 – 13
Jack Kersey, 288 – 19
Matt Chehovin, 287 – 16
Stefan Arseneau, 286 – 17*

*shot 100 in prone