Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a student join the rifle team?
A: Interested students should attend an announced information meeting at Robinson after the Fall term begins, and if further interested, MUST attend a series of rifle team orientation-training sessions at our Saturday morning practices at the NRA range, including extensive instruction in rifle and shooting safety. Because of the lead time necessary to become a good shooter, the most successful team members join as Freshmen or Sophomores.

Q: How much does it cost to join the rifle team?
A: Each team member pays a small fee as dues each year. The dues are used to pay for match entry fees, targets and miscellaneous items during the year.

Q: How much does the equipment and rifles cost?
A: The cost of the equipment is several thousand dollars, all of which is borne by the student. The coach is able to receive a small discount for team members at selected stores which handle competitive marksmanship equipment. Please do not purchase any equipment until you have contacted the coach. Click here for full equipment list 

Q: Does the rifle team hold tryouts?
A: We have never had tryouts, students just join the team. However, range facilities are limited to a fixed number of shooters, so tryouts might be necessary if the number of students joining the team exceeded our range capability.

Q: In how many matches does Robinson participate?
A: The team normally participates in 7 small bore and 8 air rifle matches in the high school league and in a regional championship in both during the regular season. Additionally, the team goes to Junior Olympic Matches, Junior Sectionals Matches, Invitational Matches and many other matches throughout the year. There are matches and other practice opportunities from time to time that are not part of the league season, but under no circumstances is attendance required; they are purely voluntary.