Excellence In Competition Awards

The Team is proud to announce that Captain Emily Fisher was recognized with the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Excellence In Competition (EIC) Distinguished Excellence in Air Rifle Marksmanship in 2018.

This Junior Distinguished Badge (AKA “Gold Badge”) is awarded by the CMP to school-age junior three-position air rifle shooters who attaining points through a series of high rankings in designated major EIC-designated junior air rifle championships. These include State Junior Olympic Qualifiers, CMP Cup Matches, the National Junior Olympic Championships and other National Council Three-Position Air Rifle Championships.

She is the third Robinson athlete to earn this prestigious award, which represents the culmination of many hours of practice and match/competition performance over a high school career.

The cut off scores were raised in 2016, which makes this recognition even sweeter.

There are also silver and bronze level badges, recognizing progress toward the Junior distinction. Sophomore Jacob Bzadafka earned his Bronze badge this season.

Other team members to earn the Distinguished award were Olympian Lucas Kozeniesky  (2012) and Zachary Eisenberg (2016).

The awards are presented by the CMP on behalf of USA Shooting.

Additionally, congratulations to the 23 shooters who were awarded Excellence in Competition (EIC) Junior Achievement Award Pins for the Junior Olympics State match on 24 FEB 2018. For those who asked, the scores required were: Bronze 500-539; Silver 540-559; Gold 560-600.

Congratulations to these athletes for their accomplishments!